Trump Supporters React to McSally’s Proposal to Withhold Pay of Senators “Until Americans are Put Before Politics”

Monday, Senator Martha McSally tweeted:

If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.


If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.


If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.


If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.


If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.

BREAKING: Barr Sides Against Trans Biological Males Competing With Girls in High School Sports

Per DailyNews, three Connecticut girls are suing to block transgender girls from competing in high school sports in the state. Attorney general William Barr’s Justice Department joined them Tuesday.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which controls Connecticut high school sports, has a policy that athletes can compete under their gender identity. (This is also the policy for NCAA and Olympic sports, broadly. Those organizations require transgender women to reduce their testosterone levels to a certain point a year before competing.)

ABC News reports the U.S. Justice Department is getting involved in a federal civil rights lawsuit that seeks to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from competing as girls in interscholastic sports.

Attorney General William Barr signed what is known as a statement of interest Tuesday, arguing against the policy of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the board that oversees the state’s high school athletic competitions.

The conference allows athletes to compete as the gender with which they identify, arguing it is following a state law that requires high school students be treated according to their gender identity. It also argues the policy is in accordance with Title IX, the federal law that allows girls equal educational opportunities, including in athletics.

The Justice Department, in its filing, disagrees.

“Under CIAC’s interpretation of Title IX, however, schools may not account for the real physiological differences between men and women. Instead, schools must have certain biological males — namely, those who publicly identify as female — compete against biological females,” Barr and the other department officials write. “In so doing, CIAC deprives those women of the single-sex athletic competitions that are one of the marquee accomplishments of Title IX.”

The lawsuit was filed in February by runners Selina Soule, a senior at Glastonbury High School; Chelsea Mitchell, a senior at Canton High School; and Alanna Smith, a sophomore at Danbury High School, against the conference and several local boards of education.

They argue they have been deprived of wins, state titles and athletic opportunities by being forced to compete against transgender athletes.

“Males will always have inherent physical advantages over comparably talented and trained girls — that’s the reason we have girls sports in the first place,” their attorney, Christiana Holcomb said Wednesday. “And a male’s belief about his gender doesn’t eliminate those advantages.”


Hillary Mocks Trump as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top World, Tweets “He Did Promise America First”

Hillary Clinton responded to a NY Times article reporting that the U.S. now leads the world in coronavirus cases by mocking President Trump and tweeting “He did promise America First.”

Many Twitter users were not impressed and found her comments callus.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was blasted on social media Friday for her swipe against President Trump amid the growing coronavirus outbreak within the U.S.

Since the availability of testing kits has broadened in recent days, the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. has skyrocketed. On Thursday, the U.S. has reportedly outpaced both China and Italy with more than 97,000 reported cases.

Clinton took the latest developments as an opportunity to knock her former 2016 rival on Twitter.

“He did promise ‘America First,'” Clinton wrote, referring to one of the president’s oft-repeated campaign slogans.


Her tweet was slammed by critics across Twitter.

“Delete your account. This isn’t the time. This can’t be the new normal, where American tragedy is applauded for the sake of political opportunism,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, wrote.

“This sort of vicious celebratory tone about Americans getting sick & dying during a deadly global pandemic is just appalling,” Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy reacted.

“Hillary Clinton touting figures that are a result of Chinese disinformation to dunk on America and sick Americans is a pretty good reminder why she lost in 2016,” National Republican Senatorial Committee senior advisor Matt Whitlock said.

“This is beyond the pale,” Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted.

Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill told Fox News, “The situation we find ourselves in was demonstrably avoidable, and pointing that out with a reference to the President’s empty rhetoric is nothing more than another way of pleading for him to lead.”


Clinton wasn’t the only one to jab the president over the mounting coronavirus cases in the U.S. GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe offered a similar reaction to the development, which also faced backlash.

“Who’s the s—hole country now?” Ioffe tweeted.

The tweet was referring to the 2018 controversy surrounding remarks Trump allegedly said at a White House meeting. Trump denied ever making the comments.


An aide for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed President Trump’s “mismanagement” this week for the projected deaths of up to 240,000 Americans due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

“100,000-240,000 Americans are projected to die because of Donald Trump’s mismanagement,” Jeremy Slevin wrote in a tweet three times late Tuesday, just hours after the president and the White House warned that the U.S. could see that range of deaths due to COVID-19.

Omar, D-Minn., retweeted Slevin’s tweet, despite having praised at least part of the president’s response, specifically on the economic end, last month.

Omar, while an outspoken critic of the president throughout his administration and her term in Congress, earlier had praised Trump’s handling, calling it “incredible and the right response in this critical time” — specifically in reference to the president announcing the suspension of mortgage foreclosures and seeking cash payments to Americans.

“We should never let politics get in the way of good policy,” Omar said earlier this month. “This is a great start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies that will help us work through the economic anxiety the country is feeling right now.”

But many Democrats have also accused Trump of being too slow to acknowledge the severity of the COVID-19 crisis, which has claimed more than 4,000 lives in the U.S. as of Wednesday morning and infected more than 189,000 Americans.

Democrats have also slammed the president for not moving quickly enough to implement testing, send Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those on the front lines, and send ventilators to hospitals across the nation.

The White House coronavirus task force, meanwhile, has pleaded with Americans to abide by the administration’s extended social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19.

During Tuesday’s briefing, the president himself told Americans to brace for “a very painful two weeks and warned of thousands more virus-related deaths.

“The surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong,” Trump said Tuesday night, in a change of tone from previous press briefings.

“This is going to be a rough two-week period,” Trump said. “As a nation, we’re going to have a really rough two weeks. Our strength will be tested and our endurance will be tried.”

At another point, Trump said: “This could be a hell of a bad two weeks. This is going to be a very bad two or maybe even three weeks. This is going to be three weeks like we’ve never seen before.”

The extension of the social distancing guidelines comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and other public health officials ominously warned that even if the U.S. were to continue to do what it was doing — keeping the economy closed and most Americans in their homes — the coronavirus could still leave 100,000 to 240,000 people in the United States dead and millions infected.

Without any measures in place to mitigate the contagion’s spread, those projections jump to between 1.5 and 2.2 million deaths from COVID-19.

“It is absolutely critical for the American people to follow the guidelines,” Trump said during the briefing. “It’s a matter of life and death.”

The new “30 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines — unveiled at the press conference — are an extension of the strategy the White House implemented just over two weeks ago and include guidance on social distancing, working from home, washing hands frequently, and avoiding any unnecessary travel.


New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that she thinks not every supporter of President Donald Trump knows they are racist.

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If that sounds like a compliment wait. She does not think that they know they are racist because they are not educated.

That does not mean that she does not believe they are, at their core, as racist as she and her Party say that they are.

She made the accusation during an episode of the podcast “Pod Save America,” which is hosted by former President Obama staff members.

“It’s not about asking are Trump voters racist. We need to talk about racism, not racists. Racist — it’s a very two-dimensional, boring conversation. Is something racist, yes or no,” she said.

“We need to talk about racism, its contours, its histories, where it manifests, how it’s used, because like all winning political phenomena, whether good or bad in your opinion, they rely on collation building.

“So Trump relied on a coalition, and a core part of that coalition were racists building a collation with all sorts of other people that could be susceptible to racist views.

“If they were blankets and layered and made people feel good about it not being a racist thing,” she said in the interview.

“So there are a lot of people that support Trump that genuinely don’t believe that they are racist because we do not talk about or educate people on recognizing racism.

“And because we do not do that we get caught in this debate of is something racist,” the New York representative said.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just called Trump supporters racist. This is a typical Democratic tactic, and this line of attack is tired and baseless.

“When she’s unable to come up with a valid counter-argument, she attempts to vilify her opponent,” Students for Trump said.


Hollywood Star Chrissy Teigen Crosses Line With Attack On Melania Trump: “F**k You”

Hollywood star Chrissy Teigen just crossed the line with a drunk and quite scandalous attack on Melania Trump.

What in the heck does Melania have to do with anything? This Hollywood has been must be jealous, why else tell Melania Trump to f**k off?

Teigen ranted on twitter:

“Has melania even thought about doing something with her be best shit during these times? I see regular ass awesome people on my timeline all day doing all they can to make people happy and this wifebot is working on whatever the fuck a tennis gazebo is.”

“ALL I have seen this bot do is gently touch Christmas ornaments in a cape and stare in a cape and pat statues in a different cape and then change her cape into a rude ass jacket. F*ck you.”

“I expect Donald to be a do nothing fucking loser wimp but she could maybe possibly try to uhhh BE BETTER possibly the best be the best the best be best.”

“Totally! But we all have stupid moments and some people (like me) have a lot of passion and things don’t come out the way we mean it. I honestly have gotten so much better at taking my time and thinking before I write/speak though.”

“What can I say. Kids and online torture have made me a much more empathetic person. May you never be on the end of everyone hating you.”


Maxine Calls Trump “Incompetent Idiot,” Ignores Obama’s Key Failure That Led To Ventilator Shortage

Maxine Waters threw an epic temper tantrum and ripped into President Trump and his administration’s response to the outbreak.

Maxine got nasty but in her blind hate she gave up the game. Not every move the Trump admin has made has been perfect – the fog of war does that – but the admin has moved quickly to get this outbreak under control.

The supply chain is the problem and that is not Trump’s fault, in fact, he ran on bringing the supply chain back home where it belongs.

For example, all these tests depend on reagents and those reagents are in short supply and we don’t make a lot of that stuff anymore –that is not Trump’s fault.

The ventilators we had were thought to be enough for an epidemic but not one of this size – there have been attempts by Bush and Obama to make low-cost ventilators as the Trump admin is doing with Ford but the political will was not strong enough to fight those who lobbied for the manufactures of the expensive ventilators.

A contract was signed to make low-cost ventilators but then a competitor, who happened to make expensive ventilators, came in and bought the low-cost maker in a merger Obama should never have approved.

Then they delayed the contract for a year or two before scuttling it all together. Obama should have seen this coming and blocked the merger or moved quickly to another solution when the swamp scuttled the plans.

In 2014 Obama gave the contract to someone else and according to the New York Times:

“The federal government started over with another company in 2014, whose ventilator was approved only last year and whose products have not yet been delivered.”

The swamp stopped a deal to make cheap ventilators to put in the stockpile and that is not Trump’s fault either. He ran against this swampy behavior tolerated by both sides of the aisle for too long.

In short, Maxine knows nothing. She ranted:

“Trump, you incompetent idiot! You sent 18 tons of PPE to China early but ignored warnings & called COVID19 concerns a hoax. You’ve endangered doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, & janitors – all risking their lives to save ours. Pray 4 forgiveness for the harm that you’re causing!

Trump, so now you’re expanding the social distancing order? Another correction b/c of your ignorant hunches. You said we’d be safe by Easter! Experts always have to clean up after your “hunches.” Keep your hunches 2 yourself & don’t waste experts’ time correcting your stupidity!

Trump, Gov Whitmer, the governor you called “that woman”, is what you think of ALL women, period! We women are all “that woman”! We are mothers & working professionals; we’re doctors & lawyers; & we’re elected officials, even governors, & you will show us the respect we deserve!

Trump, stop congratulating yourself! You’re a failure & you’ve mishandled this #COVID19 disaster! You’re not knowledgeable & you don’t know more than experts & generals. Your ignorance & incompetence are appalling & you continue to demonstrate that every time you open your mouth!

Trump, weren’t you taught at an early age that self congratulations are improper? When you’re doing a good job, you will be commended. When you have to congratulate yourself it’s b/c of incompetence & insecurity. No one values hubris. A lesson you should’ve learned long ago.”


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Hits Back At Rude Jim Acosta And Media: ‘Are They Really That Evil?’

MY Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was viciously mocked for the sole crime of turning his manufacturing capacity over to the fight against the outbreak.

Now, as we all need to pitch in and help fight this you would think the media would use Lindell’s sacrifice to praise him and subtly shade other companies who are not doing what Lindell is doing.

But that is not what happened, instead, he was attacked for praising God and Trump and now he is hitting back.

“Are they really that evil?” Lindell asked on Fox Business.

“I heard Jim Acosta attack me too, he was just 10 feet away from me in the Rose Garden, this is just evil.”

“I said Mr. President, you do these press conferences, I have friends of mine on the left, I showed him one of my texts,” he added.

“The text said “Mike I’m not a big fan of President Trump, but God bless him, he is doing an amazing job,” these are real people that are seeing now, that this president has been the best man in charge for such a time as this.”

“It’s just those newscastsers, those journalists, we know who they are, CNN what they did to me, I am sorry a put on a message of hope to country that God gave us grace in November of 2016.”

“A nation that turned its back on God, right now we’re part of this big revival, we can go get back in the Word with our family and bibles and everyone pray this great administration to make decisions to get us through this.”

Lindell then dropped the hammer, “You know I am appalled by the journalists that I see. I used to think that, are they really this evil, and yes, they are.”


Adam Schiff To Launch Probe Into Trump’s Response To Pandemic Like 9/11 Commission Did

Adam Schiff just gave up the game and admitted he will launch an investigation into President Trump and his administration’s response to the outbreak.

“After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes,” Schiff said.

“Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic. I’m working on a bill to do that,” Schiff added announcing the move.

From The Washington Post:

Schiff, a California Democrat, told me in an interview Monday that his staff has already started working on a discussion draft modeled after the 9/11 Commission, and that he would be talking about the possibility with others in Congress. And he said the House Intelligence Committee, which he chairs, has begun reviewing the committee’s intelligence materials on the pandemic.

“We will need to delay the work of the commission until the crisis has abated to ensure that it does not interfere with the agencies that are leading the response,” Schiff explained in an email. “But that should not prevent us from beginning to identify where we got it wrong and how we can be prepared for the next pandemic.”

 Schiff said in the interview he was “concerned” that the next casualty might be Shelby Pierson, who was picked by then-DNI Daniel Coats in 2019 to direct election security efforts. Senate Intelligence Committee members have had similar worries. Pierson became a potential target after she briefed the House Intelligence Committee in February about Russia’s possible preference for Trump in the 2020 election. According to The Post, Trump was so riled when told about the briefing to Schiff’s committee that he fired Pierson’s bosses, Maguire and Hallman.

But Pierson’s position appears to be secure, for now. Maura Beard, a spokeswoman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said Tuesday: “At no point has Acting DNI Grenell asked Shelby Pierson to leave her position. . . . She remains actively engaged in ODNI’s work to support FBI and [Department of Homeland Security] in securing our nation’s elections.”

Schiff fears that, as intelligence is politicized, career officers are becoming gun-shy. “I don’t think that there’s any question it’s affecting the work product of the intelligence community,” he told me. There’s less reporting to Congress, with fewer details, on issues that might embarrass Trump, such as election security, Schiff noted.

The coronavirus pandemic has some eerie similarities to 9/11. Trump certainly didn’t cause the virus, any more than President George W. Bush plotted Osama bin Laden’s attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. And Trump’s NSC laudably tried to ring the alarm. But did the White House “connect the dots” and take action that could have reduced the coronavirus damage?